2019 Creative Residents_Final.png

Resolana Farms received dozens of applicants from artists across the United States. Six artists were selected as 2019 Creative Residents. They include:

  • Alexandria Bombach, a Sundance award-winning director, cinematographer, and editor.

  • Charlotte Casey, a screenwriter exploring issues of gender, access, and identity.

  • Will Clift, a sculptor focusing on gesture and the interaction of form, gravity, and balance.

  • Yuki Murata, a visual artist, and designer working in clay, natural pigments, and gathered materials to study geometry through linear repetition.

  • Alex Simon, a musician known as Tone Ranger, creating rhythms inspired by the landscape and natural elements.

  • Tara Evonne Trudell, a writer, visual artist, and documentarian crafting the memoir of the passing of her father, poet John Trudell.

Residents will each spend five days engaged in their artistic work at Resolana Farms, with opportunities for additional and extended residencies in future years. A call for applications for the next wave of Creative Residents will be issued February 1, 2020.  For more information contact, info@resolanafarms.org.