Creative Residencies and Retreats

Provided by Resolana Farms 501(c)(3)


Now Closed

Applications go live February 1, 2020.

Deadline April 15, with notifications made by May 1, for Residencies taking place June through November of 2020.


Resolana Farms has been a stopping-place for journeyers, artists, writers, and explorers for hundreds of years. This gem of a ranchito is a watering hole, both physically and metaphorically, providing nourishment and creative inspiration to many who pass through or stop to rest a while. The signature red cliffs of Resolana Farms soften into grama grass barrancas, then drop down onto the Poleo Creek and the acequia-fed fields to the south. The elements of this landscape are in constant dialogue, a kinetic dance of light and shadow, moisture and drought, of time, entropy, and human energy through the centuries. With the creation of our 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we also offer a limited number of residencies and retreats. Apply to experience the magic of Resolana Farms!

All applications must be submitted electronically to No paper applications are accepted.


Program Goals:

  • To give individual artists, creative, and spiritual practitioners the opportunity to unplug and recharge in the quiet magic of our northern New Mexico ranch.

  • To encourage inspiration and new thinking gained from quiet, unscripted time on the land.

  • To facilitate the completion of projects or catalyze new ones through intentional pause and time alone to write, read, create, walk, meditate, reflect, and restore.

Program Details:

  • Residencies vary in length. The average stay is four nights. The minimum stay is two nights, and the maximum stay is one week.

  • Resident enjoys one-bedroom historic private home, and is responsible for bringing his or her own food and cooking all meals during the residency.

  • Resident can experience hikes and walks on the 37-acres of ranch land, including red rock canyons, river, cottonwood bosque and fields. Barn and horse fields accessible only with Amy Violette, Resolana Farms Co-Founder and Director.

  • Someone from our team will provide welcome and orientation, and assists with any resident needs. Resolana Farms staff respect the privacy and creative processes of those in retreat or residency, and ask the same in return. Additional information provided upon acceptance.

  • Resident receives information and access to additional archeological, cultural, and wilderness sites in the area.

  • Resolana Farms does not discriminate in its residencies and retreats against anyone on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, ancestry, disability, HIV status, or veteran status. The retreat/residency house at Resolana Farms does, however, have stairs, and the ranch has limited wheelchair accessibility.

  • Information about specific location of Resolana Farms will be given prior to residency. Cell phone and Internet are limited, and residents are encouraged to turn off their devices and tune in to the quieter, subtler frequencies of the ranch during their stay.

  • Questions about application instructions or Resolana Farms policies and procedures should be addressed to Adelma Aurora Hnasko, Resolana Farms Co-Founder and Director, at

Selection Criteria:

  • Merit of past work (artistic, literary, liturgical, musical, film/new media, performance, multidisciplinary, administrative, or other).

  • Potential to develop his or her creative practice from Resolana Farms retreat time.

  • Capacity to share the ideas generated from time at Resolana Farms with others.

Selection Process

  • Resolana Farms team reviews application to ensure completion and eligibility

  • Our staff evaluates materials and selects finalists.

  • Finalists for residencies and retreats are invited to present their work in a 15-minute phone or Skype interview to determine final award selection.

How You Apply:

  • Submit letter of interest to outlining why you are interested in retreat time at Resolana Farms and how you hope this opportunity will affect your practice.

  • Provide your resume or CV.

  • Provide names and emails of two personal or professional references.

  • Submit a brief description of your recent work, with materials to document this work, if applicable (photos, writing samples, or audio files).